Final Project Reflection

For my final project, I settled on the idea of a Halloween store because I really enjoy Halloween each year.I also thought it would be pretty fun to find designs/colors/fonts that reminded people of Halloween. Originally I had 7 pages that were each going to have different items to buy, but I quickly realized that I wasn't going to have enough time nor patience for that. So I decided to combine some of the pages and completely scrap others. In the end I have 5 pages in total with only 3 of them selling items. I focused on my home page pretty heavily at first in order to get the "scheme" down. Once I did they, I made a few copies of it and then altered the copies to have them preform different functions on the web page.
One of the first problems I encountered was with my revolving photo gallery. I managed to get it to work without any problems, but I wanted it to be centered that way it looked neater. After a little while, I finally managed to get it centered (with the he…

Biography Project Reflection

It wasn't very hard for me to pick someone who I greatly admire and so that was probably the easiest part of this entire project. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but looking back, I wished I had filled up some more of the empty space with either text or images.

I think the color scheme I picked out works well and that was an enjoyable part of this project. Probably the most challenging part of this project was where I would mess up the code and it usually was just some silly mistake. Another hard part was getting an image to work for the bullet-ed lists. The original image I had picked out was too blurry and didn't flow with my other colors. Even now I don't think that my image is the best for the website but the image is at least clear. In the end though I am pleased with the final look of my Biography project website.

Leading Lines

For both of the above images, they both feature leading lines. The first image, with the focus being the bunny, has the railing leading right to it. This image only really has one leading line but it's prominent enough to still draw the viewer's attention to it. The second image though has many leading lines. The line designs on the carpet lead to the door stopper as do the actual edges of the carpet. The walls also lead the viewers attention to the focus of the image. In the end I think that the second image has better examples of leading lines. It has more and they all lead to the door stopper so it's very clear what the focus is meant to be in the image. The first one, while there is an okay example of a leading line, there is only one. The focus is also a little small so it can be a little hard to figure out what the focus is supposed to be.

Rule of Thirds

Both of these images have the focus, the bird and the small figurine, being found slightly off center. When imagining the rule of thirds lines, the bird in the first image falls under the top left intersection. The small figurine in the second image also happens to fall under an intersection, this time its the bottom left one though. Overall I think they get the general point across regarding rule of thirds (mostly because the focuses are not in the center and the "lines" line up with the images). With the focus being in the center, it makes the image look better and makes it seem more natural. While the pictures are not exact, they still are okay representations of the rule. I think the images worked out well.


Logo 1  Logo 2 Logo 3

Lesson 2

Original Cropped Resized

Point of View

For the point of view assignment, I chose this candle holder that I have had in my room for ages. Considering the fact that the whole point of this assignment was to look at something from a new point of view, this object was perfect. I only ever see this object from the front and never really move it therefore I only ever see one angle. That's why I chose to keep the first image which is how I usually see the candle holder. The second and third image totally change how I see the object. I feel like the last picture, which shows an eagle eye view of the object, is the best simply because usually it is in a high enough place that I cannot look down at it. So now I get to see it in a "abnormal" way.